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Welcome to Van Son Liquids 

For generations, Van Son printing inks have set the standard for quality and performance in pressrooms around the world.
When Phillip Van Son founded his modest ink making business in 1872, it’s unlikely that he envisioned the impact his company would make on the printing industry throughout the world. Then again, maybe he did. The Van Son family has included many visionaries.

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The Inkseries AquaBase+ Gravure (GR) sets a new standard for water based gravure printing. With a...

With the re-formulated and thoroughly field-tested Inkseries AqauBase+ Ruling (LI) Van Son Liquids...

The updated version of the famous PMS Formula Guide Coated & Uncoated, shows all existing 1.341...


Flexo & Gravure Int’l

Flexo & Gravure Int’l

On her majesty’s service

AQUABASE+ makes everybody jump for joy!

Premium water based flexo and gravure inks